Types of Units

We have accessible units, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
We offer three styles of storage: 


Interior Units

Available at 7 Storage Lane

A rolling cart is available to transport your items between your vehicle and your unit.


Each unit has space for your personal padlock.


The exterior door to the building has a code-entry lock.

All units are 8 ft tall.

This building is built with a concrete floor, wood frame shell with metal walls and roof. Partitions are all metal designed by Trachte Building Systems. Interior lighting is available on a timer switch.

Drive-Up Units

Available at 599 Caterpillar Hill Rd


Each unit has space for your personal padlock.


The gate to the property has a code-entry lock.

All units are 8 feet tall.

These buildings are metal on concrete designed and built by Trachte Building Systems. There are no screw penetrations exposed to the weather over the occupant space, this is a very good technique for preventing leakage. A layer of one inch insulation at the ceiling helps prevent rapid temperature swings and moisture condensation. Each concrete slab has a vapor barrier under it to help prevent moisture wicking up from the ground.

Heated Interior Units

Available at 4 Ellsworth Road

We have 12 heated units on the ground floor of a larger heated building. The space has painted concrete floors, wood and sheet-rock dividers.


A roll up cart is available to transport your belongings from your vehicle to your unit.


All units are 7.5 feet tall.


Fragile and delicate items such as fabrics should be boxed, covered in plastic or in totes and should not touch concrete which can be damp in some weather conditions.

We offer a pay-in-advance discount:
Pay 11 months up front, get 12 months of storage.
All prices are subject to change. Please call for confirmation.


Tips for storage:

Keep goods in containers and plastic bags. Keep delicate fabrics and mattresses covered and away from walls to avoid condensation.


Leave an aisle down the middle of your unit so you can access your things more easily. Don't stack things so they lean or fall on the door which will inhibit operation.


When you open your door, unlock, move latch to left, push up on ribs of door to get it started while you are standing upright. This will help protect your back from straining. Then pull your door open from the middle handle to keep even pressure on the side tracks for smoothest operation. Make sure the latch engages with the side jamb before applying your padlock (Otherwise your unit will not be locked). That sometimes requires a small adjustment moving the door up, down, in or out while you slide your latch over.


Inform management of any issues with your unit. We want to help you and resolve any concerns, if any, quickly.

Self-Storage on the Blue Hill Peninsula

Tel : 207-359-8369 

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